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1. Alganesh [2018]
directed by Beltrami, Marianna
HDD (60 min.) Italia Ethiopia 2018

Digital version available | HU_OSA_00006527

Continuing Resource 2/year Maribor, Slovenia : International Institute for Archival Science

Available in the Research Room

3. Autumn Gold [2010]
directed by Tenhaven, Jan
Original Title: Herbstgold Moving Image DVD-ROM (94 min.) Austria : Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion Köln GmbH, 2010

Digital version available | HU_OSA_00004253

4. Beautiful Things [2017]
directed by Ferrero, Giorgio
Digital film (96 mins.) Italy : Filmotor, 2017

Digital version available | HU_OSA_10000666

5. Beloved Days [2015]
directed by Patsalides, Constantinos
HDD (71 min.) Cyprus 2015

Digital version available | HU_OSA_00006395

by Baldoli, Claudia
Book 95 p. Cremona : Edizioni Cremonabooks, 2002

Available in the Research Room

directed by Cinque, Michele
Original Title: Bob Marley: Il Profeta Del Reggae Moving Image DVD-ROM (56 min.) Italy, 2011

Digital version available | HU_OSA_00005611

by De Grand, Alexander J.
Book 299 p. Roma-Bari : Editori Laterza, 1978

Available in the Research Room

by Malgieri, Gennaro
Book 160 p. Vibo Valentia : Edizioni Sette Colori, 1981

Available in the Research Room

directed by Brunetti, Raffaele
Original Title: Che Guevara - Il corpo e il mito Moving Image DVD-ROM (52 min.) Italy : B&B Film, 2007

Digital version available | HU_OSA_00003975