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11. After the Silence [2018]
directed by Cubides-Brady, Natalie
Original Title: Después del Silencio Digital film (28 mins.) United Kingdom : Natalie Cubides-Brady, 2018

Digital version available | HU_OSA_10000761

directed by Kaneko, Ann
Moving Image DVD-ROM (64 min.) United States : Random Films, 2008

Digital version available | HU_OSA_00003517

directed by Sánchez, Alejandra
Original Title: Agnus Dei: cordero de Dios Moving Image DVD-ROM (81 min.) France : CAT&Docs, 2010

Digital version available | HU_OSA_00004252

14. A God's Shadow [2017]
directed by Hetzenauer, Bernhard
HDD (20 min.) Austria Germany Mexico 2017

Digital version available | HU_OSA_00006373

directed by Satora, Patrycja
Original Title: Alamar Express: El hombre nuevo Moving Image DVD-ROM (57 min.) United States : Village Films, 2007

Digital version available | HU_OSA_00003356

directed by Isenberg, Adam
Original Title: Una Vida Sin Palabras Moving Image DVD-ROM (71 min.) Turkey, 2011

Digital version available | HU_OSA_00004880

directed by Isenberg, Adam
Moving Image DVD-ROM (71 min.) United States, 2011

Digital version available | HU_OSA_00005152

directed by Freidberg, Jill
Original Title: Un poquito de tanta verdad Moving Image DVD-ROM (93 min.) United States : Corrugated Films ; Mal de Ojo, 2007

Digital version available | HU_OSA_00003819

19. Amazon Voice [2015]
directed by David, Margerie
Original Title: Voix d'Amazonie HDD (52 min.) France ; Ecuador, 2015

Digital version available | HU_OSA_00005931

20. Amma: Article 1 [2010]
directed by Piera, Sergio
Moving Image DVD (48 min.) Spain: 2010

Digital version available | HU_OSA_00006763