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1. A Film Unfinished [2010]
directed by Hersonski, Yael
Original Title: Shtikat Haarchion Moving Image DVD-ROM (90 min.) Israel : Belfilms, 2010

Digital version available | HU_OSA_00001889

directed by Gilady, Nitzan
Original Title: Jerušalajim gea lehacig Moving Image DVD-ROM (89 min.) Israel : Schal, Yonit, 2007

Digital version available | HU_OSA_00003214

Continuing Resource v. Moskva : Khabad-Liubavich - Mezhdunarodnaia evreiskaia organizatsiia : Ezras akhim - organizatsiia, 1991?

Available in the Research Room

4. Pursued [2012]
directed by Roth, Menachem
Moving Image DVD-ROM (60 min.) Israel, 2012

Digital version available | HU_OSA_00004660

5. The Dybbuk [1937]
directed by Waszynski, Michal
Original Title: Ha Dybbuk Moving Image VHS (125 min.) Poland : Feniks Production Company, 1937

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6. Aliya [1990]
HU OSA 13-3-1 Records of the Soros Foundation–Hungary: Publications: Film, Video and Sound Records on the Activities of the Foundation
Moving Image, 7 min. Original Title: Aliya Description Level: Folder Container: VHS PAL

Digital version available | HU_OSA_00013526

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7. Birobidzhan [1988]
HU OSA 305-0-3 Fekete Doboz Alapítvány Video Archive: Black Box Media's Raw, Unedited Video
Moving Image, 3 min. 56 sec. Original Title: Birobidzsán Description Level: Item Container: Digital container

Available in the Research Room