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HU OSA 310-0-2 Monitoring of Croatian Television: Off-Air Recordings of Television News and Other Political Programs
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VHS PAL #17 / No. 2
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34 min.


News, Television program
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The ministers of foreign affairs of the EU state in Luxemburg that the regional approach for integrating SEE in the EU is one of the most significant instruments for establishing peace in the region | Report on the decision of the EU ministers of foreign affairs to favor a regional approach in the integration of the SEE countries in the EU, as well as on the conditions that Croatia will have to meet in order to start the negotiations for entrance in the EU | Reactions on the decision of the EU ministers of foreign affairs from officials and journalists from Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and SR Yugoslavia | Survey on the streets of Zagreb: what do you think about the regional approach of the EU? | Report on the upcoming meeting between Granić and Milan Milutinović, minister of foreign affairs of SR Yugoslavia, and the normalization of the relations between Croatia and SR Yugoslavia | Granić talks about the topics of discussion on the upcoming meeting with Milutinović | Zvonimir Marković, chargé d’affaires in the Croatian diplomatic mission in SR Yugoslavia speaks about the normalization of the relations between Croatia and SR Yugoslavia | The local governors of the towns in Eastern Croatia and UNTAES will organize a visit of the graves of Croats by the displaced Croat families from the Croatian Podunavlje on All Saints Day | Klein expects the local elections in the Croatian Podunavlje to be hold in spring | Delegation of the ministry of defense leaded by Šušak will visit US: the focus will be put on the bilateral cooperation and the implementation of the Dayton Agreement | Bulatović states that Montenegro does not have interest to open the borders towards Croatia while Prevlaka is under Croatian territory | The parliament of the EU proposes that the international forces in Bosnia and Herzegovina be changed with forces of the EU | International news | Interview with Vladimir Šoljić, minister of defense of the Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina, concerning the US ship in the Adriatic Sea bringing weapon for Bosnia and Herzegovina and the demand by the US for his and Čengić’s replacement | CNN confirms that the US Government stated that the US weapon will not be delivered without the replacement of Čengić | Sport

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Spatial Coverage
Bulatović, Momir
Čengić, Hasan
Frčkovski, Ljubomir
Granić, Mate
Izetbegović, Alija
Klein, Jacques Paul
Lake, Anthony
Marković, Zvonimir
Michel, Louis
Milutinović, Milan
Perry, William
Prlić, Jadranko
Šoljić, Vladimir
Šušak, Gojko
Talbott, Strobe