Data Processing Center at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

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HU OSA 300-1-8 Records of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Research Institute: General Records: Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty Public Affairs Photographic Files
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Archival photo box #1 / No. 19
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HU OSA 300-1-8_001-019
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The black and white prints of RFE/RL were donated to OSA by the Hoover Institute, California in year 2015. The images are duplicates of those held at Hoover. The originals, and most probably the negatives are with the donor as well. OSA only received the paper prints with captions, and digitized the entire collection in year 2018.


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Two high capacity computers, one of them serves the Central News Room the other handles financial and administrative data. The machines are housed in a special air-conditioned room and guarded around the clock. In the picture there are two men clad casually. One of them is sitting at a type writer, the other is standing by a machine. There is another large electric typewriter with perforated computer paper, and a security mirror high up at the door of the security post. A few sheets of paper are pinned on the wall. Industrial lights at ceiling level. Cf. HU OSA 300-1-8:1/21.

Munich - Increased efficiency at lower cost is the major aim of technological investment at RFE/RL headquarters at Munich. One striking example is the newly-installed data processing center. Last October RFE/RL procured two new computers replacing the older model used by the Radio for the previous six years. The new models are Digital Equipment Corp. Model PDP 11 series, with combined processing capacity of one million characters, a 4,200 per cent increase over the previous capacity of 24,000 characters. One computer is assigned to the Central Newsroom word processing system and the other handles financial and administrative data. They are housed together in a newly-furnished, air-conditioned room within view of a security post manned 24 hours daily. Expansion into full word processing for other departments and an international data communications network is planned as soon as funds are appropriated.


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Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (Copyright holder)
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