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HU OSA 310-0-2 Monitoring of Croatian Television: Off-Air Recordings of Television News and Other Political Programs
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VHS PAL #18 / No. 2
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41 min.


News, Television program
Contents Summary
Interview with Mate Granić concerning the relations between Croatia and SR Yugoslavia as well as the regional approach of EU regarding the euro-integration of the countries in SEE | Report on the meetings of Milan Milutinović, minister of foreign affairs of SR Yugoslavia with Tuđman and Granić | Milutinović stresses the importance of his meeting with Granić | Granić and Milutinović walk on the streets of Zagreb | Survey among the citizens of Zagreb concerning the visit of the Yugoslavian minister of foreign affairs of the Croatian capital | Report on the Yugoslavian journalists that visited Zagreb | According to UNTAES’s spokesman, Arnold, the presence of Croatian custom officers on Danube is still not certain | How the Serbian National Television reported the meeting between Granić and Milutinović? | Continuation of the interview with Granić | How the Slovenian National TV regards the decision of the EU for regional approach regarding the euro-integration of the countries in SEE ? | Zdravko Tomac, president of Zagreb’s City Assembly stated that he is ready to resign his position if that would bring the end of the Zagreb crisis | The president of HSP, Dobroslav Paraga states that Tomac is responsible for the malfunctioning of the City Assembly | Ivan Tolj suits the magazine Globus for spreading misinformation about him | The Simon Wiesenthal Center from Paris apologizes to the Croatian Post for previous accusations that they published a stamp with the name of Andrija Artuković | Plavšić states that there is a lot of pressure on Republika Srpska to extradite Mladić and Karadžić | The busses on the line Belgrade-Sarajevo have again been cancelled | Joulwan states that there is still no decision for extension of the Mandate of IFOR in Bosnia and Herzegovina | Report on the new schemes for TV covering of the work of the Parliament | Interview with the director of HRT, Ivica Mudrinić on the new schemes of covering the work of the Croatian Parliament | Sport

Subject / Coverage

Spatial Coverage
Arnold, Philip
Artuković, Andrija
Granić, Mate
Jelčić, Dubravko
Joulwan, George
Jurjević, Marin
Karadžić, Radovan
Klein, Jacques Paul
Kovačević, Božo
Milutinović, Milan
Mladić, Ratko
Mudrinić, Ivica
Paraga, Dobroslav
Plavšić, Biljana
Šeks, Vladimir
Tolj, Ivan
Tomac, Zdravko
Tuđman, Franjo