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HU OSA 310-0-2 Monitoring of Croatian Television: Off-Air Recordings of Television News and Other Political Programs
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VHS PAL #18 / No. 1
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40 min.


News, Television program
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Tuđman and Granić received Milan MIlutinović, minister of foreign affairs of SR Yugoslavia: they talked about the normalization of the relations between the two countries | The director of the EBRD, Jacques de Larosiére met Tuđman and Mateša: the past and future collaboration between EBRD and Croatia was discussed | Announcement that Mateša will meet tomorrow representatives of UBS in Zurich: he will present there the investing opportunities that Croatia provides | Report on the activities of the Croatian Parliamentary delegation on the second day of their official visit of China | Delegation of the ministry of defense leaded by Šušak visited US: the bilateral collaboration and the purchase of helicopters for the Croatian army were discussed | Delegation of the Army of Romania received Zvonimir Červenko: the cooperation between the countries, the current political issues and the future military collaboration between the countries | Report on the meeting of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina: the preparations for the conferences in London and Paris have been considered | International news | Press conference of UNTAES : the spokesman Arnold talked about the visit of the graves on All Saints day, the issuing of Croatian documents and other current political topics from the Croatian Podunavlje | Report on the economic situation of the companies in the Croatian Podunavlje and the possibilities for their privatization | The board for business relation with foreign companies and banks considered the relations of Croatian Banks with the Banca di credito di Trieste | Report on the savings of the citizens of Zagreb in the Privredna Banka Zagreb | Report on symposium concerning the future of Croatia and the Croats in the next millennium | The council of HRT approved new program for covering the work of the Parliament | Promotion of a book by Anđelko Mijatović | Sport | Joulwan states that there is still no decision for the extension of the mandate of IFOR in Bosnia and Herzegovina |


Associated Names
Hrvatska radiotelevizija (HRT) (Producer)

Subject / Coverage

Spatial Coverage
Arafat, Yasser
Arnold, Philip
Baotić, Josip
Bildt, Carl
Červenko, Zvonimir
de Larosiére, Jacques
Granić, Mate
Izetbegović, Alija
Jelčić, Dubravko
Joulwan, George
Kovač, Milan
Kovačev, Anton
Krajišnik, Momčilo
Mateša, Zlatko
Mijatović, Anđelko
Milutinović, Milan
Mudrinić, Ivica
Pavletić, Vlatko
Perry, William
Prka, Božo
Prlić, Jadranko
Ross, Dennis
Sanader, Ivo
Škreb, Marko
Srzić Novak, Hloverka
Štern, Davor
Šušak, Gojko
Tuđman, Franjo
Zubak, Krešimir