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HU OSA 310-0-2 Monitoring of Croatian Television: Off-Air Recordings of Television News and Other Political Programs
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VHS PAL #17 / No. 1
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37 min.


News, Television program
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The EU ministers of foreign affairs state that the regional approach for integrating SEE in the EU is one of the most significant instruments for establishing peace | Pavletić stresses, during the visit of the Croatian parliamentary delegation of China, that Croatia would like to collaborate with China in every field | Klein expects that the local elections in the Croatian Podunavlje will be hold in spring | The local governors of the towns in Eastern Croatia made an agreement with UNTAES about organized visit of the graves of Croats on All Saints Day | Delegation of the ministry of defense leaded by Šušak will visit US: the focus will be put on the bilateral cooperation and the implementation of the Dayton Agreement | Šušak received a US military delegation in Zagreb: main topic of discussion was the collaboration between the Croatian and the US Ministry of Defense as well as the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina | Announcement of the meeting between Granić and Milan Milutinović, minister of foreign affairs of SR Yugoslavia | International news | Conference of the European ministers of culture in Budapest: the future of the european film is being discussed | Report on the process of return of refugees in Vukovar-Srijem and Osijek-Baranja County: many houses in this region are already reconstructed | Report on the reconstruction of destroyed housing objects in Lika-Senj County | Lilja Vokić, minister of education and sport, asked for a 30% increase of the salaries of the workers in the educational sector | Symposium dedicated to the evangelical movement in Croatia | The national theater from Liberec visits Zagreb | Promotion of five books of selected works that were published in the magazine “Hrvatska revija” | Sport | Report, from Osijek, on the meeting of UNTAES and the representatives of the municipalities from Croatian Podunavlje concerning the organized visit of the graves on All Saints Day


Associated Names
Hrvatska radiotelevizija (HRT) (Producer)

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Spatial Coverage
Arafat, Yasser
Barić, Slavko
Biškupić, Božo
Bučar, Franjo
Budiša, Dražen
Chernomyrdin, Viktor
Ćosić, Krešimir
Frković, Ante
Galbraith, Peter
Granić, Mate
Klein, Jacques Paul
Lake, Anthony
Magyar, Bálint
Milutinović, Milan
Mraović, Josip
Nikolić, Vinko
Norac, Mirko
Pavletić, Vlatko
Perry, William
Primakov, Yevgeny
Radić, Jure
Rehn, Elisabeth
Ross, Dennis
Strenja, Branimir
Šušak, Gojko
Talbott, Strobe
Tankosić, Mirko
Tuđman, Miroslav
Vokić, Ljilja
Yeltsin, Boris
Zagorec, Vladimir