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HU OSA 310-0-2 Monitoring of Croatian Television: Off-Air Recordings of Television News and Other Political Programs
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VHS PAL #3 / No. 1
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40 min.


News, Television program
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Mateša visits Brussels: he will participate on an economic forum and meet officials of EU and NATO | Report on the diplomatic activities of Mateša in Brussels | van den Broek expresses his conviction that Croatia will soon be accepted in the Council of Europe | Granić: EU supports the work of the Croatian Government in the reintegration of Croatian Podunavlje | Ivica Kostović met the representative of UNTAES for organizing the elections in Croatian Podunavlje: he stressed that the Croatian Government asks that the local election be held until 15 December | Kostovič talked with the special envoy of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, about the peaceful reintegration of Croatian Podunavlje | Kostović and the French Ambassador in Croatia discussed the mandate of UNTAES, the elections in Croatian Podunavlje and the missing persons from that region | Report on the 39th Session of the Chamber of Counties of the Croatian Parliament and the announcement of the 12th session of the Chamber of Deputies of the Croatian Parliament | Celebration of 600 Anniversary of the foundation of the first Croatian University in Zadar | Report on the political situation and the life in Mostar | International news | Šeparović comments on the law on compensation of confiscated property | Report on the political crisis in the Parliament of the city of Zagreb: Račan (SDP) states that this crisis works against the interests of the city while Čutura (HDZ) states that this reveals which side is the destructive in the so called Zagreb crisis | Tuđman met with representatives from the publishing house C.A.S.H. from Pula due to the publishing of a monograph about Istra | Tuđman named Tomislav Karamarko for deputy minister of Interior | Changes of police officials in the Brod Posavina county | Representatives of the Ministry of Defense gave flats to families with considerable loss in the independence war from Vinkovci | New ferryboat in Dubrovnik | Opening of the first Croatian Triennal of Drawings | Sport | Five people, war crime suspects, members of DNZ, are still in prison in Bihać


Associated Names
Hrvatska radiotelevizija (HRT) (Producer)

Subject / Coverage

Spatial Coverage
Mali Lošinj
Slavonski Brod
Arafat, Yasser
Aras, Davor
Bukvić, Jakub
Čutura, Dinko
dos Santon, Onore
Granić, Mate
Jarnjak, Ivan
Kalmeta, Božidar
Karamarko, Tomislav
Klein, Jacques Paul
Kostović, Ivica
Lužavec, Željko
Mateša, Zlatko
Mubarak, Hosni
Netanyahu, Benjamin
Oblak, Marijan
Pašalić, Iva
Pavletić, Vlatko
Pitlović, Antun
Prka, Božo
Prskalo, Ivan
Račan, Ivica
Rašić, Marko
Scalfaro, Oscar Luigi
Šeparović, Miroslav
Škreb, Marko
Solana, Javier
Šušak, Gojko
Tuđman, Franjo
van den Broek, Hans
Weizman, Ezer