[Found Footage Collection of Arpad Ajtony: Politics]

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Árpád Ajtony Personal Papers (view collection record)

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[Found Footage Collection of Arpad Ajtony: Politics] = [Ajtony Árpád talált filmek: politika]
France: [ca. 1975]
English; Arabic
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00:39:12 : digital video


Footage showing the unpredicted victory of the Party Québécois, press conference of its founder, René Lévesque followed by a footage of an unidentified politician's speech (no sound). Interview with Süleyman Demirel, Prime Minister of Turkey about American Military bases in Turkey. Fragment of a press conference given by members of the Polisario in Algeria (no sound). Interviews with Farah Pahlavi, Empress of Iran and Hussein bin Talal, the King of Jordan. Shimon Peres's speech about the situation between Lebanon and Israel. A press conference in Arabic. A trial of a sect leader in Arabic followed by a press conference and a committee meeting. Meeting of Helmut Schmidt Chancellor of West Germany, Hans-Dietrich Genscher Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor of West Germany and James Callaghan and Anthony Crosland, Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, respectively. A public speech given by Helmut Schmidt. A Science treaty signed by the United States, a press release by Henry Kissinger. Footage showing streets in China with posters of anti-Chiang propaganda. Two film fragments of an official German visit to France.


Árpád Ajtony Personal Papers (HU OSA 313)


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Quebec (Canada), Algeria, Iran , Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Germany, Great Britain, United States, TurkeyLévesque, René, Demirel, Süleyman, Callaghan, James, Crosland, Anthony, Carter, Jimmy, Kissinger, Henry, Pahlavi, Farah, Talal, Hussein bin, King of Jordan, Peres, Shimon, Schmidt, Helmut, Genscher, Hans-DietrichMedia junk, Speech, Press conference, Propaganda, POLISARIO, French-German relations, Presidential visit, United Nations, Terrorism, Elections

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HU OSA 313-0-1:6/1
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"[Found Footage Collection of Arpad Ajtony: Politics]", 1975. HU OSA 313-0-1:6/1; Árpád Ajtony Personal Papers; Open Society Archives at Central European University, Budapest.
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