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Polish Underground Ephemera
Still Image Description Level: Item Language: Czech

Available Online

Polish Underground Periodicals
Description Level: Item Language: Polish, Czech, Russian

Available Online

Continuing Resource Köln : Index, 1982

Available in the Research Room

4. 5 Rules [2013]
directed by Menšl, Vavřinec
Original Title: 5 Pravidel Moving Image Blu-Ray (77 min.) 2013 Czech Republic : Bio Art

Digital version available | HU_OSA_00005628

Continuing Resource Scheinfeld : Dokumentationszentrum, 1987

Available in the Research Room

directed by Kučmin, Martin
Original Title: Adrenalin bez Bariér Moving Image DVD (27 min.) Slovakia: 2009

Digital version available | HU_OSA_00006609

Continuing Resource Praha : Ahoj na sobotu, 1969

Available in the Research Room

directed by Klusak, Vit
Original Title: Vše pro dobro světa a Nošovic Moving Image DVD (82 min.) Czech Republic 2010

Digital version available | HU_OSA_00006338

Continuing Resource Praha : Pedagogická fakulta Univerzity Karlovy, 1990

Available in the Research Room

10. A Low-level Flight [2006]
directed by Sikl, Jan
Original Title: Nízký let Moving Image DVD-ROM (52 mins.) Czech Republic : PragaFilm, 2006

Digital version available | HU_OSA_10000884