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directed by Ladjointe, Xavier
HDD (70 min.) France Spain 2017

Digital version available | HU_OSA_00006384

Continuing Resource 6/year Sofia, Bulgaria : Tsentralen Suvet na Professionalnite suiuzi

Available in the Research Room

3. Cissa, The Flower [2013]
directed by Dochamps, Jacques
Original Title: Le chant de la fleur Moving Image DVD (61 min.) Belgium ; Equador : Iota Production, 2013

Digital version available | HU_OSA_00005739

Continuing Resource Paris : International Council on Archives

Available in the Research Room

Book 422 p. Belgrade : Kopaonik School of Natural Law, 2003

Available in the Research Room

6. Free labour world [1950]
Continuing Resource 6/year Brussels, Belgium : International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, 1950

Available in the Research Room

directed by Delestrac, Denis
HDD (84 min.) France ; Spain : Polar Star Films, 2016

Digital version available | HU_OSA_00005999

directed by Peyramond, Cyril
Original Title: Gold Men, Résistant pour la Terre Moving Image DVD (91 min.) France 2009

Digital version available | HU_OSA_00006331

9. Hello, Europe? [2018]
directed by Sandrine, Dryvers
Original Title: Allô Europe? HDD (76 min.) Belgium 2018

Digital version available | HU_OSA_00006422

10. Homecoming [2011]
directed by Dor, Ben Orna
Original Title: HaShiva HaBayita Moving Image DVD (58 min.) Israel: 2011

Digital version available | HU_OSA_00006783