Various News Reports [2/42]

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HU OSA 350-1-1 Records of the International Monitor Institute: Europe: Balkan Archive
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BetaSP NTSC #480 / No. 1
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Part 2, visual, English and Hungarian versions


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Programs from HRT, CNN, EURONews, SKY, HRT-BBC, BTV, HRT-SLO, HRT-SRT, HRT-ZDF, HRT-SKY,and TV5. Programs aired in mid-November 1995. HRT reports on the Dayton Agreement; the promotion of indicted General Tihomir Blaskic, formerly head of HVO, to the function of the main inspector of the Croatian Army; Christian Chartier comments on indictments of Karadzic and Mladic; Herceg-Bosna reactions to the Dayton Agreement which is "in their opinion to the detriment of croats of BiH"; Herceg-Bosna reactions to indictments of Blaskic and Santic; signing of the Dayton Agreement in Paris and grenade explosions in Sarajevo on the same day – reaction of Haris Silajdzic; Bosnian Posavina hostilities; short statements by privates in the Bosnian Army, Bosnian Serb Army, and possibly HVO. HRT special on the events of December 14 in 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, and 1995. Footage included: 1991 bombing of Zadar, 1992 release of imprisoned Croats and Muslims from the Manjaca concentration camp, Radovan Karadcic stating war would end by the end of 1992, Americans dropping food to Muslims in the eastern enclaves. HRT "Picture on Picture" program on the Day of BiH Statehood: includes brief history of the Republic, new BiH national anthem, footage of Sarajevo on the day. SKY report on Izetbegovic' and Karadzic public reaction concerning the Dayton Agreement; Bosnian Serb dissatisfaction and protest of students in Serb-held Sarajevo suburb of Ilidza concerning the return of the suburbs to the Federation – students accuse Milosevic of "abandoning them to get the sanctions against Belgrade lifted"; footage of UN soldiers arriving to Mostar; return of Zenica refugees. Serbian Television report on Yugoslav Federal government judging the Dayton Agreement as a "basis for the full preservation and protection of the rights of Serbian people in the region"; Krajina Serb negotiator Milan Milanovic states "international forces would guarantee there won't be any Croatian police, Croatian customs, or any kind of Croatian institutions" in the Baranja-Srijem region. HRT footage of Krajina Serbs celebrating four years from the "liberation" of Vukovar; interviews with international reporters on war in Bosnia who will stop their work after signing of the Dayton Agreement: Dan Damon (SKY), Christiane Amanpour (CNN), Roger Cohen (NY Times), and Martin Bell (BBC). HRT report on the bombing of Zagreb; footage of primaballerina Almira Osmanovic, who was wounded during the attack; reactions of Croatian Parliament representatives to signing of Dayton Agreement. Slovenian Television report on Biljana Plavsic promises to build new Serbian Sarajevo in the Lukavica suburb. ZDF report on Serb-held part of Sarajevo reaction to the Dayton Agreement. HRT report on Peter Galbraith's reaction to bombing of Zagreb; footage of Pakrac and UN soldiers and Serbian civilians there. The rest of the tape is in French.


Associated Names
Hrvatska radiotelevizija (HRT) (Producer)
Euronews (Producer)
Sky (Producer)
TV5 (Producer)
CNN (Producer)
BBC (Producer)
Radio-televizija Srbije (RTS) (Producer)
ZDF (Producer)
SLO (Producer)