Various News Reports [1/42]

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HU OSA 350-1-1 Records of the International Monitor Institute: Europe: Balkan Archive
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BetaSP NTSC #479 / No. 1
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Moving image
Croatian, English
1 hour
Part 1, Documentary and various news. Available on VHS and Beta.


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HRT documentary on Tudjman and HDZ's role in the last days of Yugoslavia and early years of the war on Croatia. The documentary employs nationalist political rhetoric and praises Tudjman and HDZ's "diplomatic wisdom." Footage included: 1990 – early days of Krajina Serb rebellion, SDS president Jovan Raskovic, Vojislav Seselj, Milan Babic, meeting of Raskovic and Tudjman, the Yugoslav National Army, Veljko Kadijevic, JNA officers, Knin leader Dusan Zelembaba, proclamation of the new Croatian constitution, Slovenia's bid for independence, Alija Izetbegovic's reaction to JNA in Croatia, and Ante Markovic and his Reform Alliance campaign ad. 1991 – political talks in Belgrade, Yugoslav Presidency's extension of the deadline for disarmament of the Croatian Police, the Spegelj Affair video, the Pope praying for Croatia, JNA General Adzic, Slobodan Milosevic, Yugoslav Presidency rejects Stjepan Mesic, swearing-in of the Croatian National Guard, Referendum for Croatian independence, James Baker supporting unity of Yugoslavia, Croatian Parliament proclaims Croatian independence, JNA attack on Slovenia, army barracks situation in Croatian cities, radio conversation between two Yugoslav Army officers planning to "catch the leaders: Tudjman, Spegelj, etc.," JNA attack on Croatia, Croatian war song, JNA bombing of the Ducal Palace in Zagreb, Republic of Croatia breaks all ties with Yugoslavia, Vukovar and massacres, Serbian song about "slaughtering the Croats," Dubrovnik under attack, international recognition of Croatia, Tudjman speech at the UN, HRT "Picture on Picture" program mainly on IFOR in Eastern Slavonia (many breaks on tape), and the indictment of Dario Kordic, Tihomir Vlaskic, Mario Cerkez, Ivan Santic, Pero Skopljak, and Zlatko Aleksovski for the persecution of Bosnian Muslims in Central Bosnia. Related SKY television and TV5 stories. CNN interview with unrecognized Republic of Kosovo Prime Minister in exile Bujar Bukoshi.


Associated Names
Hrvatska radiotelevizija (HRT) (Producer)
Euronews (Producer)
ARTE (Producer)
Sky (Producer)
TV5 (Producer)
CNN (Producer)
BBC (Producer)
Radio-televizija Srbije (RTS) (Producer)